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Getting To Know Your Groomer

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Hi, my name is Ray and with my life partner Julie we do all the things that make Happy Tails run safely, smoothly and give your baby the best grooming and pupcation experience possible.

Both of us started our animal careers working as Veterinary Technicians. I moved onto managing a luxury boarding and grooming facility and I knew I had found what I wanted to do! With grooming school and apprenticeship done I began working for others. I watched and saw how others ran their shops and how things were done. I worked for corporate and private salons. The one big thing I noticed was so many babies being drug through the grooming shop doors and then being forced through the process at lightning speed. This hurt my heart and thus Happy Tails was born.

At Happy Tails we practice stress free grooming. Each baby is hand dried and never placed in a kennel dryer or hot box. We provide potty breaks, water, toys etc to make sure everyone is as stress free as possible. We go at their pace and if they need a break they get one. I want all the fur babies to feel that grooming is a part of their life and not punishment. I want them to love to come see Uncle Ray and Aunt Julie and have a relaxing spa day, play with their friends and get their hair done. I want to work in conjunction with their pet parents to maintain their health and well being. I guarantee you know from your very first visit that we generally care for, about and are genuinely vested in your pups mental and physical well being.


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